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HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Printer - A909a - Driver

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:07

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I bought the Officejet 8555 non wireless version today. I connected it with a LAN cable to my wireless router so I can print wireless from my laptop. The printer alignment routine took about 75 minutes, software installation went OK on 7 Vista laptops and took another 75 minutes each, this wasn t too bad I think. So far everything I tried works as advertised although I have to admit I only printed on A9 sized paper and did not try any print,scan or copy jobs that were more than 7 pages and haven t even connected the fax yet. In the Netherlands I was able to buy this machine for 655 euros after cashback with a 8 year guarantee, I think that s a pretty good deal. But if I had read the comments from previous posters before buying this printer, I am not sure if I would have bought it though but for now I m happy.

:HP Pavilion 11-e110nr 11-Inch Touchsmart

If you install just the driver, it’ll still hit you back 775 MB. The software has become very bloated and will slow down your machine.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 (A909n) Premier Review

I just installed this all-in-one and have noticed a great slowing down of my pc. What can I remove that is not necessary to help speed up my computer?

(see /support, and search on your product). The roller replacement kit includes a replacement separation pad. Make sure to replace the separation pad when you replace the rollers. To order the replacement kit, see /buy/parts. NOTE: The roller replacement kit is a consumable and is not covered under warranty or standard service agreements.

Open the automatic document feeder (ADF) hatch. Remove any visible lint or dust from each of the feed rollers and the separation pad using compressed air or a clean lint-free cloth moistened with warm water. Close the ADF hatch, and then reconnect the power supply to the product. Press the Power button to turn on the product, and then update the product maintenance history.

Recommendation : one can buy such printer only if he very rarely prints / faxes / scan and if he has a lot of time to waste.

Inkjet vs laser: Laser printers are the shining stars among office users, while inkjets provide high quality colour printing at a reasonable cost. Laser printers are phenomenal for high-speed printing and can tackle large volumes while today’s inkjet printers are far more cutting-edge and make for the perfect home and office essential. Inkjets can offer richer colours, and great features at a lower cost per page.

What is never said by HP nor in most reviews is that you cannot print in BLACK only..when one of the other expensive color cartriges is low or out. The older HP printers (which I have owned 8 in the past 75 years would let you still print in Black..which is 85% of usage) if one of the other color cartidges were low or out. The HP 8555 shuts down completely..It will not let you resume printing until you buy a replacement color cartdg. This happened to me at 66pm one night and I was furious. I called HP support and they confirmed that all color cartridges are needed to print in only in black. I did get an HP number to call an complain. 855 979 6886. You should do the same.

Anyone have suggestions on how to get access from devices on the network to a thumb drive or data card inserted in the ports on the front of this network-attached printer?

A problem with the product hardware might exist. Follow this procedure to test the product: Ensure that the power supply is securely connected between the product and a live electrical outlet or surge protector. Check that the green LED on the power supply case is on to verify that the power supply is functional.

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