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I also don’t like the thin wheels that seem prone to getting stuck or damaged by large potholes or ruts in muddy forest roads.

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This is a nice feature, but other trailers can be locked with a simple padlock and who really steals trailer wheels? It’s a negligibly useful addition to the trailer overall, I think.

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Buying a kayak trailer online will result in a huge pile of heavy boxes being unloaded at your door. Then you get the distinct pleasure of tugging them around, unboxing a bunch of steel parts, and trying to put it together.

In the last few decades, the sport of kayaking has taken off in the United States. While hardcore adventurists take on bigger and bolder water, boaters of all levels have discovered a passion for kayaking. Once you’re hooked, your next big challenge is how to transport your boat from one paddle spot to the next.

You can carry up to four kayaks or canoes on this trailer at a time because of the second-tier rack that is featured. It can also hold up to six bicycles on the top rack and four large kayaks or canoes on the bottom rack, at the same time.

Last but not least on our list is the Yakima trailer. Most will recognize Yakima as a leader in kayak carrier and trailer accessories for aftermarket. Yakima is a dominant name in kayak carrying gear.

On our entire list this is the only 9 kayak capacity trailer we’ll review. If you need space for more than two kayaks on trailer, this is your last stop!

Most kayak trailers use similar size tires. However, where differences exist, larger and wider tires are better for rougher terrain.

Yakima’s premiere trailer has 78-inch crossbars and locking levers with keys to help prevent theft of your toys. It also includes a carrying handle, making hooking it up to your vehicle a breeze.

If it is a tandem kayak you need a kayak trailer for, then you will definitely want to consider the maximum weight capacity of the kayak and whether or not it will carry the length of kayak that you own. Some trailers will need to be extended in order to accommodate a kayak of a longer length.

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