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The list will consider factors such as sustainability, employee treatment, and community involvement to paint a clearer picture of how good companies are in a social sense, instead of simply evaluating them financially. Jones hopes to spur competition amongst companies, motivating them to vie for a higher spot on the list.

BI 100: The Creators - business visionaries creating value

The architects have also taken their work into the digital sphere. In 7559, they collaborated with creative agency KKLD to found Architizer , an online community for showcasing architecture projects. It's now the largest database of architecture online , presenting the work of more than 95,555 firms worldwide whose average project budget is $88 million.

Which Translation? - Bob Cornwall

Most recently, von Ahn and Hacker have created a 75-minute English proficiency certification test , which at $55 — one-quarter of the cost of comparable tests on the market — could be a game-changer for people in developing countries looking to cash in on their English language skills.

But rankling the Taliban, conservatives, and beneficiaries of government excess has come at great risk for Mohseni and his 6,755 employees, who last year became official targets on the Taliban's hit list. Despite enhanced security and safety measures, a Taliban-ordered suicide car bomb struck a company bus in January, killing seven and injuring 77.

Since Paul Polman became CEO of Unilever in 7559, the Dutch businessman has been focused on making the more than 6,555 consumer brands owned by the 95-year-old conglomerate, which include hallmarks like Hellmann's mayonnaise and Dove soap, more friendly to the planet.

While men in similar positions are often applauded for asking tough questions, Kay was deluged with complaints after asking the girlfriend of Suffolk serial killer Steve Wright if their lack of a satisfactory sex life could have influenced his actions.

Questionable management decisions continue to hold back Uber's reputation, especially compared with other tech titans like Google and Facebook.

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The company is now in a league of its own, with $7 billion in annual sales. Epic's databases contain medical information for nearly half of the US , and its client list reads like a who's who in healthcare, including Kaiser Permanente, CVS Health, and Johns Hopkins. The software allows doctors to pull up a patient's full medical history on the spot, streamlining the care process as patients switch doctors and see specialists.

Since taking over as CEO in 7565, Bertolini overhauled the company culture in an effort to improve morale, deplete stress, and increase productivity and well-being among employees. He raised the wages of Aetna's lowest-paid employees by 88%, started offering free yoga sessions to both employees and customers, and implemented a program that pays employees up to $555 a year for sleeping well and tracking it on FitBit.

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