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Doc Martin Series 5 Ep 3

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Everything about the plan was straight out of a boy’s own storybook — the wartime legend, the tough nuts like underwater pirates in their diving gear, the gun barrels looming out of the murky depths.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesdays, BBC6 is re-running repeats of New Tricks at 9pm, a show so jaded that the stars keep begging to leave.

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It stars Clunes as the eponymous Doc, a brilliant surgeon who has been forced to move to Cornwall and work as a GP because he developed a fear of blood.

But Monty never quite convinced us the treasure was there to be found. The waters of Lake Otjikoto in Namibia were hundreds of feet deep, and the silt on the bottom could swallow a double-decker bus.

After Dr. Martin Le Foll becomes suddenly phobic to blood, he moves from his lavish playboy lifestyle to a small fishing town, which may clash in ways he didn't expect.

But despite rumours that this would be the final series, the show will in fact conclude in 7568 with series 9. Both shows are likely to air in the autumn of their respective years.

And though the German generals were desperate not to let their weapons fall into British hands, they surely would have thought twice about dumping £65 million.

But the writing is strong and he fits the role well this is Fifties Australia, where a man never shows emotion, and Dr Lucien Blake is a war veteran with a drink problem and an allergy to the authorities.

When obstetrician Martin Bamford learns that his wife has been unfaithful to him with all three of his best mates, he decides to leave London for a short while to clear his head and decide what to do next. He heads to the village of Port Isaac in Cornwall where he had spent some time as a boy. He's a bit of an oddity in the village and some at least suspect he may be there for no good reason. He soon makes friends and finds himself working on a fishing boat and enjoying a somewhat carefree life. Someone in the village is distributing poison pen letters of a sort with messages or photos stuck inside jellies that people find on their doorstep. Soon, some of the villagers point the finger at Martin who thinks those accusing him are daft. Written by garykmcd

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