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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:48

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Stampy is also in the process of setting up a new Minecraft educational channel , which should be worth watching. Also, Stampy 8767 s buddy iBallisticSquid is worth checking out.

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Surprised, not to see direwolf75, on your list, he is part of forgecraft sever team, he is very good at showing how to do stuff, and I have never heard him swear, if anyone start talking rude he yells out hay im recording , even slowpoke kids sometimes get online and play. His mod pack even has cool mods like carpenter blocks and decocraft so the kids be more creative. You can download the curse client for free, hope this comment is helpful for you guy 8767 s and keep crafting.

Minecraft down? Current status and problems | Down Detector

Pls update this because in 8rd and second person I look small but when in first I look the same not felling smaller pls make the feeling of marking it smaller

Can you added optifine cape mod like pc so weI can custom cape like pc and maybe your apk mod will be popular if you can thanks you if not it 8767 s ok I understand

License Patched
Disabled Telemetry
Unlocked Paid Skins
Unlocked Paid Texture Packs
God Mode (Unlimited Health, Invulnerability)
Indestructible Tools
6 hit for kill with weapons

Generikb creates a wide variety of Minecraft Let 8767 s Play series using a variety of mods, from the quest-driven Agrarian Skies mod through to the spooky-but-fun  Attack of the B-Team  modpack, which Generikb helped to produce (and which has raised tons of cash for the Child 8767 s Play Charity to boot).

Hi, this is a cool add-on! Thanks for creating it! By the way, I have a suggestion to make it more realistic, you should make the POVs smaller. I tested it but the POV is similar to the normal one. Only my suggestion, but I hope it will come out on the next update!

Can u MAKE baby players SEE maps like babyies ?its hard to SEE your friends in baby addon like this BECAUSE they try to look at u and they look down and when u look down u CANT see There faces either

Can ypu plz fox it so that the camera height OS is same woth the baby character (one block high) and that u don 8767 t take damage if u go into one block spaces or when u jump in a two block high space u take damage, also make it so that when u go through one block spaces you can see

Btw The version of MCPE here in x86 was ..
I have to go other website to find in x86 android and download was successful but not mod.
I wish here was had a mod unlocked skins and texture packs.
Thanks for the app and its hard to find who uploading some x86 version. Thank you
hope you appreciate my Thanks.

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